The mighty head of “Groven Grose”

Keeps you safe and incomplete


I was talking to you, but you'll never agree,

and I'll never agree with you, let’s get things straight.


Now we’re nothing but a bunch of crappy meat

Instead of cuttin' the cord, we’re still at “Groven Grose”.


We are like goats, and they don't like goats. Never feel the joy of disgrace? Never wanted to be a disgrace?


Howl against the wind, but you've never tried right in your ears

Well It's like fighting without givin' a single blow, you know


We have done pretty well

We are freelancers without pay


It has taken too long, nothing happens for long

Saving you, save yourself, It's the highest fare ever seen


While they were laughing, in the blink of an eye

The mighty head of “Groven Grose” said hi to my little friend


We are like goats, and they don't like goats. Never feel the joy of disgrace? Never wanted to be a disgrace?


Hold still, it doesn't matter what you do

It's like givin' a fright and not being heard, indeed


While they were laughing, in the blink of an eye

And the mighty head of “Groven Grose” keeps sinking somewhere


Contribute and play dead, always you can avoid it and shake a hand

They will last or maybe not, just cast the bait and they will bite, don’t they?



You fellas gave me the chance to glance

Hold down, rundown

The lack is so clear


“You fought well, my young lad

I can see what you need is right here”


You! at the back! Yes I'm talking to you

Stop looking back, there's no one there

You will have the first gaze


Damn Days, slowly, slowly, slowly, flowing.

Can't be, it's like a genocide, no, you don't know where to find myself


It's quite exciting; I'm selling off the best of me

Big boss, big lord

Can you see through me?


“Well my friend, I'm not impressed at all

No matter what you think, you'll always be the last”


Do you want it back?! Yes I'm talking to you

Don't be afraid, just make a move

Do you want to make an exchange?


Me, and the dog, and the food, the spirits walking through

Is the dead man here? The living brainless golem, in your brain!

The big boss, the big lord, see through me, yes he can see through

My marble of soul, my marvelous mind



Here I am now, in my own crossroad
Too many have spoken about it but this one is mine
Maybe it’s not my fault, and actually it’s not
The time is moving so fast, and I’m still stuck in here

Get out! far beyond! and thanks for being here


Inside the cell, my own shell, how could it be?
Here come the sparkling people
All my world, it’s my own, how could I see?
There go the sparkling people

Trying to see how I fail
They’re trying to see how I fail

I'm astounded man, it's so intense and fun
How can you people be so amazingly cool?
You have to let the bit synchronize with your groove
Do it and you'll be loved, that's how it's supposed to be

My spark! where did it go? You don't like me anymore


Trying to see how I fail
They’re trying to see how I fail
Oh nothing can stop their spark

They’re trying to look out...

Now! They’re trying to see how I fail!

Now! They’re trying to look out!



Wow, that's a fancy vase

Do you think I can throw it?

Oh can I see it?


Don’t speak like that,

It hurts like hell,

When I wave, when you're gone

You will see my hands


Oh there’s no fun doing abs

Can we go now to the yard?

It's a tasty pie, as I like it

Now I'm rolling down on the ground, … the grass


I was fooling with a 38 (thirty eight)

It was when they started freaking out

And It freaked the hell out of me


Please make them stop

No, stop right now

Can I go? when I'm gone

You will see my hands


Oh look what I found, guess who's back

Don't you realize? You're blind

There is no time for nonsense

Just keep rolling down on the ground


When the future is gone

and the hopes and dreams seem to fade

Deep down into the unknown

We can barely see into the dark


The road, the road, our road, made by us, made by us

Oh we fight to keep it, oh we fight to love it

It’s nice to be with you, it’s nice to share with you

If I can put you back on the way, yes I feel so happy for you.

The road is nice, the road with you.



Six cups six saucers set at its own will

It reminds me the best way to deploy it

Who needs sense, who's gone?, you decide

It's a perfect day and the perfect way to screw it


We'll need to take it low

Too low no one will know

Can you make these words squelch?

I'll be the happiest man on earth


We'll need to take it close

Too close and it will grow

It'll be very kind of you

Not too kind or it will blow


The proper speech flows through my mouth to air

You cannot believe how many doors it can open

Breathe love, take more, put some of it

It's the finest strain and the funniest way to do it


One move, make it two

One chance to look at my eyes

Once it makes its way out

Once it makes its way



The log falling down like a bag

You can pick what you like

How amazing it is

And it starts to grow

Very fast, you don't know

A spot in the land

Would you like to come?


How wrong is your life

You sign on the line

The arms open wide

A tiny little white rat in the maze

Don’t you see the bag falling down?


Mine now, can you see beyond?

Not so far but enough

The blind will give a speech from the heights

He'll look down saying: “We're doing great”


That's what you get

Make it louder and frown, you're going to feel so proud

It’s not so bad

You can always find some love over there

We are not gonna die yet


Don’t you remember those good old days?

The sun could warm your feet and illuminate your sight

When will be the day you stop the crap and go home

Commanders can obey you, trendies can obey you, system can obey!


Obey you, Obey


You are at your own

Nobody is watching

Over the crowd you can find my hand

And a cesspool too

That's real, that's real

Now it's time to get a job


It can obey you


Don’t think it’s worthless, we still have a chance

Stop behaving like that, grow up and face your life

Don’t look at me with those eyes, I know what you think

As far as you can see, I’m the only one you can trust


What are you saying? you are not my father

I’m a man, like twice the man you are

It’s just, this annoying feeling, and I fight

It’s not easy to live this life


Easy, you're very upset

I’m trying to help you out

But the way you talk, just stick to the plan

It should be easy if you follow my lead


No, you're a freak! You’re a sick man!

You're a freak! Don't make me do that kind of stuff

It's really sick! Get out of my head

Get lost and far away

Don’t bother me


Don’t despair my son, I do it for your own good

Be a nice boy, you have done it before

It’s nothing you couldn’t resist


No, you’re a freak! You’re a sick man!

You’re a freak! Don't make me do that kind of stuff

Feel free! to cross the gates

Leave me alone, or kill yourself

But a tickle started to stab my head


E.R.! E.R! E.R.! E.R!


This was your hand, all those scars and fears over her

It might have been otherwise, but who knows, all it’s done now


What are you going to say: “That was really fair”?

What are you going to say: “That was really fair”?


Now I feel so proud, all alone, very nice

Leave the weak behind, don't you see, I'm in your head now


What are you going to say: “That was really fair”?

Everything has a price, and it may hit you back


When the last breath is gone

Will you call me by...

my name when this is over?

Will you wait for me?


You have told me that I am loved

That I’ll be saved, but do I really care?


I see myself

I see my world

No doubt should remain

But the water still flowing down


I am not the child I use to be

Faithful, fearless but with a dying soul


What is real and what I feel?

Will you compromise your faith?

And if I’m ready

Why can’t I let it go?

Was it really me following you?

Are you the way or just one more?

All I own is a piece of me

Here’s the flesh, taste the blood

I should be underground and feel...

Show me what I seek


I am now in your veins

Your thoughts are mine

I’m about to reach you

Just a little bit more

Something awakes me... step aside

Lightning opens my eyes


I hear your pledge

No meaning to me

I won’t stand your fucking lies bro!


Until the end

To the end

This time, this time it's over!


Turn on the wheel,

my friend of steel

Owh can I make a wish

knowing I’ll never be part of this world?


All those people’s eyes

revealing their fears

I’m about to prove

my natural ways


The hands full of dust

It pumped so fast

The sounds fading out

sealing this beautiful end


But they came out

as an appearing act

From who knows where

There's no other to do my best


Don't try to lose more than you have

I won't tell you again

And finally the sweat that comes out

Cleans all the mud that I have sowed


The fluids running free

conditioning my will

No matter if I'll never be

or you won't see, it was really me


Head sink and shining mind

explains it all, well

It´s in the nature of

the god of gods


It's OK, I'll reach you

And I will reach you again


So you know what to expect, right?

And you know what to expect from me

You’re trying to make me what I'm not meant to be


Can you see the sign of my hand?

I don’t want to be rude with you

Just look into my eyes and you’ll see why I’m running away


Flowing slow, as a dense fluorescent mud

Eating everything found on its way

You changed so much, but you couldn't change me

You fail, nice try, but I'm leaving you


Can they really catch me now?

I think at least two laps away

No provision, not to worry

It’s a vision, I'm here for your love


How can you love this way?

Keep running fast and safe

Nothing to deliver, just go for the profit

How can you still keep on living in these days?


Fresh, cold, quiet air

It’s nice here, between the sheets, you are with me

But I know there’s something else to deal with

The job isn’t over, It will be found, found and found


Can I still keep on living in this inner

farce!, this inner....war!

Can I still keep on living in this charade?


So you know what to expect, right?

And you know what to expect from me, me, me, me, me,